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April 2012 Prayer and Praise

Each month we receive prayer and praise updates from the churches with whom we partner across Zimbabwe and Zambia. Below are just a few of those updates. We hope you’ll take some time to pray about these requests and praises, and remember the work of our church projects in Africa. You can learn more about the projects featured here by visiting

Free Methodist Church Project, Magwegwe North

Pray for the church as it counsels many young children who are discouraged with life, school, and difficult family situations.

Pray that God would miraculously provide the means of survival for many families who are without food due to drought.  Ask that God would empower the church to encourage those for whom hopelessness is not just a season, but a way of life.

Ask God to bestow His favor and peace upon the elderly, disabled, sick, and afflicted as they encounter daily challenges related to their condition.

Pray that sanity would prevail as parents grapple with the ever-rising cost of basic education.

Praise God that two vulnerable children, Senzelo and Prince, received training in appropriate agriculture and were immediately able to implement this education to improve the yield of their family garden!

Brethren in Christ Church Orphan Care Project, Copperbelt

Pray that the church would be filled with the power and peace of the Holy Spirit in the midst of a leadership transition.

Pray for a grade ten pupil named Luckson who cares for his convalescent mother by undertaking all of the household chores and family responsibilities.  Ask God to provide Luckson with courage and hope in the midst of an uncertain future.

Ask God to provide community leaders with Spiritual wisdom and discernment in their decision-making that transcends human ability and understanding.

Praise God that local leaders remain determined to carry on orphan care in the midst of significant financial, emotional, and logistical challenges!

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