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Board of Directors

The Forgotten Voices Board of Directors represents a diverse group of volunteers who leverage their vocational expertise to advise and lead the organization. They are elected for three year terms during the summer session. Click on the names below for more information:

steve1Stephen Proctor, Chair ryan Ryan Keith, President chuck Charles Arnold
harrisTerry Harris paul Paul Crossman carlCarl Lundblad
maureenMaureen Mathews michelleMichelle Westcoat dyanDyan McAlister (non-voting)

Our Team

The Forgotten Voices Engagement Team is comprised of a diverse group of people who dedicate their time, energy, and resources to lead the organization. Please click on the links below to learn more about this group of devoted staff and volunteers.

ryan Ryan Keith, President remmy_profile Remmy Hamapande,
Africa/Zambia Director

Abby Turner
Abigail Turner,
Executive Assistant

bekiBeki Moyo,
Zimbabwe Director
OnWebsiteKastin Krupinski,
Communications Coordinator
KGossKathy Goss,
Director of Impact
profile-brian-1Jeff Niemitz,
Church Relations Coordinator (Volunteer)
kgossAlex Waardenburg,
Student Relations Coordinator (Volunteer)
DeenaDeena Brown,