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June 2011 Prayer & Praise

Each month we receive prayer and praise updates from the churches with whom we partner across Zimbabwe and Zambia. Below are just a few of those updates. We hope you’ll take some time to pray about these requests and praises, and remember the work of our church projects in Africa. You can learn more about the projects featured here by visiting

“Prayer is where the action is.” John Wesley

Free Methodist Church Project, Ndola

Pray for the community of believers in Ndola, particularly the the Reformed Church in Zambia, where the youth (more than twenty-six boys and girls) were involved in road accident as they returned from an evangelistic mission in another town.  Fourteen children lost their lives in the accident.  Ask God to provide moments of dawn for those who mourn this tremendous loss.

Pray that God would comfort those children who witnessed the accident with the love and compassion of their families.

Pray for the many young students who are returning to school for the second term.  Pray that God would anoint them with concentration and focus as they begin their new studies.

Pray for the security and development of baby Easter whose mother recently passed away from HIV/AIDS.  Ask that God would equip Easter’s grandmother to provide for her every need.

Praise God for a successful Good News Club held at the church which brought in eighty-nine children to hear the Gospel!

Kawama Evangelical Church of Zambia “Echoes of Mercy” Ministry, Ndola

Pray that the church would be able to acquire teaching materials for  their youth ministry.  Ask that God would change the lives of many young people through the effective teaching and mentoring of leaders in the congregation.

Pray that the church leaders would receive the mind of God as they explore an option to open a Christian school as part of their ministry.  Pray that God would provide a clear path for the church to receive funding, support, and materials to open a school.

Praise God that the church has collected a bountiful harvest of maize!  Rejoice that God used the planting and harvesting process as a means to increase unity among many church members!

Praise God that He continues to provide school fees for children to attend school!

Free Methodist Church Project, Magwegwe North

Pray for a young woman named Vuyani who has been struggling with severe, chronic illness.  Ask that God would provide her with relief from pain and discomfort as she awaits healing.

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