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  • Ellen
  • Ellen
  • Director of Project Management, proud mom of an impish preschooler, grew up in Papua New Guinea.


National Volunteer Week – part 1

250 Summit8 banner1 National Volunteer Week   part 1After reading today’s post below, check out the Summit Blog for a feature post on Forgotten Voices and our involvement with this phenomenal alliance of organizations committed to the cause of Orphan Care! We hope to see you there May 3-4!



This week our country celebrates National Volunteer Week, and Forgotten Voices is eager join the celebration. Volunteers are absolutely critical to fulfilling our mission both in the USA and in southern Africa. Visit our blog the next three days to learn about and honor our volunteers in southern Africa and the USA and to learn how you can join their ranks!

HBC Matildah2 National Volunteer Week   part 1HBC Grace National Volunteer Week   part 1

Matildah (left), Grace (right) and  18 other volunteers lead a crucial component of Ndeke ECZ’s ministry to the community – the home based care program.


HBC graduation 21 National Volunteer Week   part 1Pictured here at their graduation ceremony and at work in the community, volunteer home-based care givers are striving to ensure that HIV/AIDS patients and the orphaned children are counseled and helped both socially and spiritually. They travel the community on foot and now on bicycles purchased in partnership with Forgotten Voices (see below). Their duties include in-home visitations, counseling and conducting workshops in the community. This valuable work helps the church to trace and respond to the very real needs of orphans in the community. These women have all graduated from a home based care seminar and attend periodic ongoing training.

HBC4 National Volunteer Week   part 1

Serving in this capacity often requires great sacrifice. Many of these women have a number of children in their care, many are widows and some struggle with health problems themselves, including HIV.

Their dedication is an inspiration. They have our prayers and our respect, and we celebrate their impact!

Ellen Shaffer, Director of Project Management

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