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National Volunteer Week – part 3

This morning we have  10 wonderful Messiah College students volunteering their time at our offices as part of their annual Service Day.  They’ve all been promised pizza very shortly as our small way of saying thanks! 🙂 But truly, this is just one of the many projects and initiatives that Forgotten Voices couldn’t do without volunteers.

Meet Tori and Bree, two brand new volunteers (as of 9am this morning!) helping clean up our office to host events later in the year

Think you might like to be a one-time or ongoing volunteer with Forgotten Voices? Read on below to find out how.

1) Find out about existing volunteer positions we’re looking to fill. We keep a running list of volunteer needs, many of which can be done from anywhere in the country. They include a variety of skill sets, commitment levels and time investment. Contact Nate Shaffer at or call us at (717) 506 3144

2) Tell us about an event or project you’d like to coordinate on behalf of Forgotten Voices. In the last year, we’ve had volunteers approach us with a desire to coordinate a 5K fundraiser, a benefit dinner, a bake sale and more. We’ve been so honored by the initiative  of volunteers to take on the challenge of raising funds and awareness on behalf of Forgotten Voices and we’re eager to continue partnering with these efforts. Contact Nate Shaffer at or call us at (717) 506 3144




3) Start a Ten Together group. This is a different but equally important to support Forgotten Voices and contribute towards volunteer efforts. We value the work of volunteers so much that we built it into our Ten Together fundraising campaign. In a nutshell, Ten Together involves donating $10/month to Forgotten Voices, donating 10 hours of service/year in your local community and doing these activities within a group of 10 friends/coworkers/family members etc. Visit to get started and to find resources to help you find local volunteer opportunities.

We’re excited to welcome more friends into the volunteer family at Forgotten Voices. Will we see you this year? 

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