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  • Director of Project Management, proud mom of an impish preschooler, grew up in Papua New Guinea.


October 2012 Prayer & Praise


Hope Chapel Church, Zambia

  • Pray for God’s wisdom as the church raises the remaining funds needed to sink a borehole on site. The church has managed to buy the steal, the water tank, and the truck for this project. Forgotten Voices is also assisting with a portion of the funding.
  • Exams are just around the corner for students in grade 7. Pray that students will be able to understand what they are studying and recall their learning during the exam.
  • Pray for Oscar, an 11th grade student, who lives with his grandmother and seven other children. Recently Oscar has not been allowed to continue his education due to his inability to pay the school fees. Pray that Oscar will be able to finish his schooling this year and that funds will be available to pay his fees.

Vineyard World Outreach, Zambia

  • Pray for direction and resources as the need for a church plot in town is growing.
  • Pray for the myriad of details involved in launching a brick-making business to generate revenue for the church’s orphan care ministry.
  • Pray for the mission team forming under the leadership of Pastor Lameck. This team will be responsible for the church plant starting in Twapia. Continue to pray that we will increase our evangelism in the community, spreading the good news of Christ.
  • Praise God for Mutale, a young girl progressing in her education. At one point, Mutale almost stopped attending school. However, by the grace of God, she is living with her grandmother once again and back on track in grade 5.

Free Methodist Church, Zimbabwe

  • Pray for our community as we wait for rains to come. City-wide water shortages continue to affect us all.
  • Pray for guardians, beneficiaries and their families as they prepare the fields for planting.
  • Pray for the salvation of the orphans and vulnerable people as we demonstrate God’s love for them through our ministry.
  • Praise God for people who are committing themselves to Christ and his church. Currently there are 7 people in discipleship classes for membership in our church. Also, praise God for the young people who are continuing to commit themselves to serve as midweek cell group leaders. Pray for their spiritual development during this process.
  • Beauty is a young girl in grade 4. She and her sister, Zanele, are being assisted by our church. Currently, they live with a widow who is caring for her 7 grandchildren. Four of these children, including Beauty and Zanele, lost their mother when they were still infants.  Their father deserted them soon after the death of his wife. The widow is struggling to feed and clothe the children due to her own health issues.  Please pray that the heart of Beauty’s father will turn back to his children and that he will be able to provide better care for them.

New Life Christian Centre, Zambia

  • Recently we lost one of our church members, Bana Penelope, to HIV/AIDS. Another member, Bana Mapalo, is in the psychiatric wing at Ndola Central Hospital due to HIV/AIDS related issues. Pray for us as many church members are HIV positive and struggling with their health.
  • Pray for our ministry as we start diversifying our skills training initiatives to include chicken rearing. We hope that by generating this income we will help empower many more widows with life skills to care for their families.
  • Pray for us as we continue to do evangelism and discipleship within our community. We intend to do some market crusades in order to reach more lost souls for Christ. Pray for God’s strength to bring spiritual and social transformation to our community.
  • Praise God that our project continues to be a source of help to widows and orphans, such as Mrs. Mwambazi whose husband died this year and left her to care for several children. She felt hopeless after the passing of her husband since she was totally dependent on him. Upon hearing about our project, she enrolled as a student and she now hopes to start a tailoring shop to meet the needs of her large family.
  • We thank God that one of the orphans we support, Richard, is about to enter college. He did extremely well in grade 12 and he recently attended interviews with Ndola School of Biomedical Science where he hopes to study Biomedical Science.

Ndeke ECZ, Zambia

  • Pray for Lita, one of the Home Based care givers, who is ill and was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer.
  • Pray for the evangelism outreach in rural Zambia in September. The Jesus film was shown and we pray that many people will accept Christ as their personal Savior.
  • Pray against false prophets who have emerged, deceiving people with their false teachings. These teachers are giving clothing and food supplies, and because of high levels of poverty, many poor Zambians, especially in rural areas, are being deceived.

Cure International AIDS Relief Project, Zambia

  • We praise God that the food program is allowing us to provide nutritious food for the children in our hospital. Many children come extremely malnourished, which complicates their treatment, medication tolerance and recovery. Resources like soya flour and instant porridge, funded in part by Forgotten Voices, have benefitted hundreds of patients.
  • Praise God for the resources to empower mothers with skills in creating paper beads, door mats, plastic hand bags, and earrings. This is generating a source of income for our mothers to care for their children.
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