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We innovate orphan care through these distinctives:

Custom Plans

Many of us feel compelled to help orphans and communities in need, but how do we best respond? Forgotten Voices equips carefully selected local pastors with tools to create a custom plan that meets their community’s unique orphan care needs. Every custom plan differs based on the strengths and resource voids for each church and child. These plans form the beginning of our partnerships.

Quiet Investments

Forgotten Voices then provides an investment once the custom plan is created and approved by community leadership, as well as our team. To help encourage local ownership, we invest to a level not exceeding what we believe each community could eventually raise itself to fund orphan care. Whenever possible, children and caregivers who benefit don’t know about Forgotten Voices. Their on-going relationship is with the local church, not us.

Sustainable Income

Every mother wants to provide for her children. Local churches and caregivers are the same. Forgotten Voices works with them to identify and evaluate income generation plans. After a review process to evaluate proof of concept, we provide an initial investment to launch their income generation ideas. These efforts help church orphan care ministries produce ongoing income to fund their custom plans independent of outside aid.