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  • Ellen
  • Ellen
  • Director of Project Management, proud mom of an impish preschooler, grew up in Papua New Guinea.


Pray. We need your prayer.

Last night I had the privilege of accompanying Remmy and Irene (visiting Africa/Zambia Director and his wife) to speak at Community Evangelical Free Church in Harrisburg, PA. We were warmly welcomed by a impressive number of people who came out on a Wednesday night to learn about a ministry and a pastor most had never heard of before. Thank you for your hospitality, your great questions and your love, Community E Free!

One of the closing themes of the evening became the importance of prayer. During the Q&A time, the question was posed, “how can we pray for your ministry?” Remmy and Irene both responded and emphasized the great value of prayer, which is vital to their often overwhelming work. Today I want to add a few more requests that have been on my heart and the hearts of many on our team:

1) Pray for one of our pastor partners who took his young son to the hospital for a severe skin rash.

2) Pray for a dear pastor and friend who has just received news of the death of his father.

3) Pray for several families within the broader Forgotten Voices family dealing with cancer diagnoses.

4) Pray for Irene, Remmy’s wife, as she’s not been feeling well this week and has a full travel and speaking schedule.


We hope you can hear from our hearts how greatly we value your prayers for the ministry of Forgotten Voices, our partners in ministry and families and children we are all working to serve. Please, please, please continue to pray.

We update our blog on the first of every month with new prayer and praise updates from our partners in Zimbabwe and Zambia. So check back Tuesday for new updates!


Ellen Shaffer, Director of Project Management

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  1. brian says:

    It was such a joy to have Remmy and Irene at the Church. Their heartfelt answers to our questions were both interesting and thought provoking for me.

    Reply April 26, 2012 at 4:02 pm
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