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Brethren in Christ Community Church

4x6Header-1-1Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

“Orphan Care Plan” 

Forgotten Voices partner since 2012

Current Impact:

  • School fee payments and supplies for 28 primary and secondary students
  • Home based care (food, clothing, medical care) for 30 individuals
  • Microloan for one caregiver
  • Home visitation for widows, orphans and vulnerable families in the community

Current goals:

  • Launch an income generation project in 2014 to begin sustain-ably funding their own orphan care ministry.
  • Expand skills training opportunities for caregivers and older children Expand orphan care ministry to include income-generating projects run through the church to generate long-term sustainable income.


Orphan Care Spotlight: Home Based Care

This church has been demonstrating God’s love and compassion in their community since 2000. In their orphan care ministry, BIC Community has sought to lessen the burden – financially, emotionally and spiritually – on caregivers and orphans in both the church and local communities. HOME BASED CARE is a central pillar of their approach. 
From a practical standpoint, HOME BASED CARE at BIC Community typically involves the provision of food, clothing, medication for those unable to otherwise afford it. Beyond these tangible resources, much benefit comes from the investment of time, prayer and personal attention given in regular visits to homes in the community. It is here that they come alongside weary caregivers, encouraging their involvement in the lives of the children in their care. Here they assess the psychosocial well-being of children struggling with grief and take note of often complex family dynamics within the home. 
Sharing an example of the wisdom required to do HOME BASED CARE well, Pastor Moses writes, “Another challenge is that of supporting one orphaned child living with a family of many unorphaned (but poor) children. The orphaned child might look better (in terms of uniforms and food) than the people that are hosting him. This might often create jealousy, a bad social environment for the orphan. We are often challenged whether to distribute the support to all children or just focus on the one child eligible for the assistance.” 
Forgotten Voices’ partnership has brought new stability to the church’s ministry and we are honored to add our support to this congregation’s ongoing efforts.