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CURE International AIDS Relief Project, Lusaka

Lusaka Zambia


  • 100 HIV/AIDS children, patients at CURE Lusaka, Zambia

Going off to surgery can be a big deal.  At CURE International (, they specialize in building orthopedic teaching hospitals for kids in under-served areas of the world.  Among their patients are kids who are HIV+ and who require a little extra food to make their recoveries more likely.  Forgotten Voices is pleased to partner to provide these extra nutrients.  In addition, we are helping the Beit CURE Hospital in Zambia provide skills training to moms of the kids receiving this extra care.  Through tie-dye and necklace making classes before and after their kids’ surgeries, these moms leave the hospital with not only a healed child, but an income to make life a little less stressful.   In addition, kids and caretakers alike receive counseling and spiritual support, as well as hear the Gospel. Thousands of people have become Christians while at Beit CURE Hospital.  All of the Forgotten Voices’ programs with this ministry are done in partnership with the hospital’s spiritual ministries department.

We are so encouraged by the way CURE gives dignity back to every kid and caretaker that comes through their doors – people who felt laughed at and worthless because of their physical conditions.  At Forgotten Voices, we believe in CURE’s principle that “healing changes everything!”