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Entumbane Presbyterian Church


Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

“Orphans Support Group”

Forgotten Voices partner since 2011

Current Impact:

  • School fee payments for approximately 47 primary and secondary school children
  • Foundations for Farming training, plus seed and fertilizer to help local families grow their own food
  • Home visitation for widows, orphans and vulnerable families in the community

Current goals:

  • Workshops to train and mobilize volunteers and mentors in orphan care ministry
  • Annual camp for orphaned and vulnerable children Pursue income generation initiatives to foster financial self-sufficiency of families and church ministries.

Orphan Care Spotlight: Psychosocial Supportgraphic

Entumbane Presbyterian Church has been demonstrating God’s love in their community for over 20 years. In 2000, the church initiated an Orphans Support Group with the aim of assisting orphans with practical support (school fees, school supplies, clothing, food) and emotional/spiritual support (visiting children and guardians at home to understand their challenges, provide advice and support, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ). The church has hosted camps for vulnerable children to provide life skills training and counseling.

Recognizing the need to address the emotional, psychological and spiritual implications that accompany the loss of a parent and/or caregiver, the Orphan Support Group recently began focusing more attention on psychosocial support activities for children and their caregivers. This year seventeen youth from Entumbane Presbyterian Church attended a weekend-long psychosocial support camp organized for Forgotten Voices partner churches in Bulawayo.  In addition to recreational games, activities, educational seminars, and daily devotions, counselors met individually with each youth to help them process and deal with the situations and challenges they have experienced and some continue to experience.

In 2011, Forgotten Voices International was honored to come alongside Entumbane Presbyterian as a partner in ministry. As this church continues to meet the needs of children already in its care and expand their ministry to meet the ever-growing need in sustainable ways, we are inspired and challenged by our partnership with them.