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Kawama Evangelical Church of Zambia

4x6Kawama-1-1 (2)Ndola, Zambia

“Echoes of Mercy” 

Forgotten Voices partner since 2010

Current Impact:

  • School fees and other requirements satisfied for 23 orphaned children
  • Community garden provides maize and vegetables, particularly for the elderly community members who are caring for orphaned children
  • Home based care for two households
  • Skills training and income generation assistance to 5+ of caregivers
  • Provides HIV/AIDS awareness programs to church members and surrounding community

Current Goals:

  • Expand, strengthen and equip the volunteer team leading this ministry
  • Pursue addition income generation and training opportunities to better equip caregivers and build long-term income

Orphan Care Spotlight: Skills Training

From the start, Kawama’s leadership has seen skills training as an essential tool for long-term impact in their community. While the majority of their efforts have gone towards addressing the immediate needs of education and support for elderly/widowed caregivers, they’re exploring other sustainable solutions. They’ve been working towards establishing a skills training center in the community and equipping promising individuals with specialized training as resources allow. 
The church is currently constructing a shelter to house a skills training center, and have been approved for a grant of tools from an organization providing tangible skilled trade resources. 
Last year, the church decided to sponsor Wayne, one of the youths who was accepted into a local Mechanics College. Recognizing this young man’s potential and dedication to God’s work, they have rallied behind him to invest in his success through skills training
Other young adults who have completed high school thanks to the partnership between Kawama ECZ and Forgotten Voices have also been assisted with skills training opportunities. Wendy is an accomplished young woman who completed grade 12 several years ago. After graduation, she was given a place among church leaders attending a training seminar on grief counseling facilitated by Forgotten Voices. Following this training, Wendy developed a passion and motivation to return to her community and help children. She is now an active volunteer at Kawama’s Echoes of Mercy ministry, carrying out many of the day to day duties required to assess and address the needs of children. 
These stories highlight the on-going impact of partnership between the local church and Forgotten Voices. Not only are needs being met right now, but children, young adults and caregivers are gaining both the opportunity and the skills to better support their families and communities for lasting change.