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New Life Christian Centre

4x6NewLife-1-1 (1)Ndola, Zambia

“Mercy Ministries Widows & Orphans Care”

Forgotten Voices partner since 2009

Current Impact:

  • School fees for 22 primary and secondary school children
  • 165+ widows trained by the end of 2013 in tailoring skills, plus start-up fabric and machines of their own
  • Garden plots and meals 3x a week for women in tailoring class
  • Bi-annual community seminars on income generation and small business averaging 150+ attendees
  • Home visitation for widows, orphans and vulnerable families in the community 
  • Jesus film screenings in the community

Current Goals:

  • Diversify training programs for widows to include poultry-raising


Orphan Care Spotlight: Skills Training

shirtOf all our church partners, the impact of skills training at New Life Christian Centre is unparalleled.
 The church has become a household name in the community thanks to the tailoring classes offered for widowed caregivers throughout the year. The impact of this training extends far beyond simply learning a new skill. A recent class of 17 women represented 89 children/dependents who relied on them. Equipping the caregiver in the family will skills and dignity to support her loved ones brings stability to the whole family. Some graduates have started businesses from home, others have added sewing services to the other items they already sell at the market, while others have joined together in a joint business or received contracts with local businesses.

This is a church with a big vision that loves to rock out on a Sunday morning with loud music, filling the nearby streets with worship music. Every time we have visited this church, we are greeted with a lively worship service inside and kids running with laughter outside. It is clear that this church knows its community.