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Lubuto Church of Christ


Ndola, Zambia

“Orphans and Widows Project”

Forgotten Voices partner since 2009

Current Impact:

  • School fees for 38 orphans, including 9 who had been forced to drop out of school
  • Empowerment projects for 37 caregivers including small business training and grants
  • 2 hammermills purchased and sustainably generating revenue to supplement church orphan care ministries
  • Home based care for 3 households
  • Psychosocial support for over 200 children
  • Leadership seminars for local leaders and caregivers
  • Home visitation for orphans, vulnerable families and widows in the community

Current Goals:

  • Expand current income generation initiatives to include a brick-making business.

Lubuto Church of Christ has a committee of 8 who meet and advise on matters of orphan and widow care. They conduct home visits, help find school placements for children previously forced to drop out, host camps for children and youth and have a special heart for investing in the needs of caregivers as well who are looking after orphaned children.

In an effort to pursue sustainable income generation for church ministries, Lubuto’s leadership identified a community need for hammermill, which would grind maize into mealie (cornmeal). In partnership with Forgotten Voices they purchased a hammermill, built a shed to house it and started running a small business which not only provided a service to the area’s farmers, but also began generate income for the church to sustain their orphaned care ministry. The initial business did well, and soon Lubuto and Forgotten Voices invested in a second hammermill which produced a different kind of mealie and is expected to double their clientele. Funds raised will provide for school requirements and other needs facing orphans and their caregivers.

When you visit Lubuto, you see hope in the faces of those who are working hard on behalf of vulnerable kids. They’ve long labored to love these children, but now see a sustainable way forward with the hammermills and other income-generating activities. The hope they have longed for is beginning to arrive and the excitement is contagious. You cannot help but smile and give thanks to God for the way business, love, and community needs converge to demonstrate Christ’s love to those in need.