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Mtshabezi National AIDS Program


Matopos Region, Zimbabwe

Forgotten Voices partner since 2006

Current Impact:

  • School fee payments for approximately 146 primary and secondary school children
  • Home-based care supply kits distributed to 120 needy families
  • Annual psychosocial support camp week for nearly 200 orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Foundations for Farming training, plus seed and fertilizer to help 64+ local families grow their own food
  • Home visitation for widows, orphans and vulnerable families in the community
  • Administrative expenses to maintain consistent staffing and resources

Current Goals:

  • Continue pursuing income generation initiatives to foster financial self-sufficiency of families and church ministries, with a primary focus on farming and skills training

Our first project partner in Africa, this ministry is a testament to the reach and willingness of the local church to do the hard part of loving kids 24/7, wherever they are located. This project is connected to a network of churches, covering multiple districts around Zimbabwe. While our work has continued to expand to different church-led projects in Zimbabwe and now into Zambia, our heart for the work of the local church toward children orphaned by AIDS was found at Mtshabezi. Their efforts are inspiring as they press on in the face of adversity. Nearly 1/3 of women in the Mtshabezi region are infected with HIV and 40% of adults are feared to have HIV, making their challenge overwhelming daily.

As our longest running partnership, Mtshabezi has given us the opportunity to watch children under their care grow up into futures that no one thought possible. We remain grateful for this partnerships long-term investment in families all over the region, and grateful for many years of serving and learning together.