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Northrise Evangelical Church of Zambia


Ndola, Zambia

“Orphan Ministry”

Forgotten Voices partner since 2010

Current Impact: 

  • School fees and other requirements satisfied for 25 orphans and vulnerable children, including post-high school skills training
  • Home visitation for widows, orphans and vulnerable families in the community

Current Goals:

  • Exploring income generation opportunities for individual households and church ministries, with a particular emphasis on skills training.

Like all of our local church partners, Northrise ECZ places a high value on the role of education, particularly in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. They’ve focused their orphan care efforts primarily on older students, helping at risk students with high potential in the community finish high school and pursue post-high school education or training. The partnership began under the leadership of a previous pastor who was also a police chaplain. Having encountered so many young people on the other side of the law, his experience with the police force served as motivation to provide safe, healthy and empowered futures for children at risk of falling through the cracks after the death of a parent.