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  • Remmy
  • Remmy
  • Africa / Zambia Director for Forgotten Voices. Husband, father, and fan of Arsenal.


“…pure religion…”

When John lost his father, all hope for school was shattered. He had only two years more to write his O’ Levels and finish his secondary education. He had no choice but to eventually stop attending classes as not only couldn’t he afford to pay his school fees, but also needed to take care of his siblings. He joined the many orphaned children that have so often become bread winners for their families. He started doing some piece-works in order to take care of the family. In other words, he literally took over his departed father’s role in the family! He had to take on any job that came his way just to see that food is put on the table. His pastor, concerned with his absence from church, once found him lifting loads of 50kg pockets of cement and packing them into delivery trucks.  He was moved with compassion and reported John’s situation to his leadership team. The local church eventually started supporting John with his school needs. Individual church members also joined, and are now regularly contributing towards the family’s food needs.

John’s situation might not have been possible without your choosing to support the ministry of Forgotten Voices through it’s partnership with the local church. This is why I keep encouraging you to continue your support for the local church’s ministry to orphans in situations such as John’s. Let us not tire to join their cause of meeting needs of  orphans in their times of distress. This is what the Bible calls “pure religion” in James 1:27.

Your fellow servant in God’s ministry,

Remmy Hamapande, Africa/Zambia Program Director.

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  1. I am so encouraged by the stories of pastors and churches actively seeking out the children who seem about to fall through the cracks. Churches who know the people they serve, know the community and notice when someone is missing or something has changed in a family’s life – what a reflection of the Father’s love for us.

    Reply October 4, 2012 at 10:44 pm
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