Our Model

Forgotten Voices takes a unique approach to catalyzing solutions to the global orphan crisis. We partner with trustworthy African seminary graduates who are pastoring local churches in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.

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Each African church partner of Forgotten Voices creates a custom plan to care for orphans and other vulnerable children in its community. Forgotten Voices provides quiet investments – often the beneficiaries don’t even know about the organization, but instead develop a stronger awareness of God’s provision through their local church. Grants of $2,500 per year directly support local churches’ efforts to care for orphans and strengthen families by providing home-based care, psychosocial support, education fees, etc.

Forgotten Voices also provides business training and one-time grants to launch income-generating activities designed to ensure the sustainability of each church’s orphan care ministry after their five-year funding partnership with Forgotten Voices comes to an end.

Innovating Orphan Care with Three Guiding Principles:

Custom Plans

Each African church partner creates a custom plan for each of the orphaned (or vulnerable) children it plans to support through its ministry. Custom plans may include one or a combination the following six services:


(paying school fees or providing supplies)

Income Generation

(capital and/or equipment to start or supplement a family’s means of self-sustainability)

Home Based Care

(meeting medical and other basic needs, such as nutrition)

Skills Training

(often for caregivers to enhance provision for the children in their care)

Water & Agriculture

(sanitation, water access, farming inputs, etc.)

Psychosocial Support

(grief counseling)

Quiet Investments

As much as possible, Forgotten Voices prefers that the people who benefit directly from our investment don’t know about the organization. Instead, we listen and quietly empower church leaders to enact strategies they believe are best for meeting their communities’ specific needs. Through this approach, we aim to foster a stronger awareness and acknowledgment of God’s provision for His people through their local churches.

Sustainable Income

In addition to our direct support for orphan care ministry activities, Forgotten Voices also provides a one-time IGA (income generation activity) investment of up to $5,000 to each African church partner. These investments enable local church partners to launch businesses that will generate sufficient income to sustain orphan care ministry activities once their term of partnership with Forgotten Voices has expired, thus ensuring the long-term sustainability of each partners’ orphan care efforts beyond the duration of our direct involvement.