At Forgotten Voices, we’re committed to effective stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by God, seeking His wisdom as we plan for tomorrow. In doing so, we are excited to extend opportunities for you to join us in effective stewardship, sustainable orphan care, and to leave your legacy for a brighter tomorrow.

Will you help ensure a brighter tomorrow for orphaned and vulnerable children, caregivers, churches and communities in southern Africa by making a legacy gift?

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We would be honored if you would consider including Forgotten Voices in your estate planning or planned giving to be forward-thinking in your Christ-centered financial plan. Will you prayerfully consider a legacy or planned gift to Forgotten Voices?

There are many ways for you to join us in effective stewardship, sustainable orphan care, and to leave your legacy for a brighter tomorrow. Your forward-thinking, Christ-centered financial plan can ensure children across Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi experience the love of God and the security of a family, church, and community.

Consider these giving options:

Add a Provision to Your Will
A gift from your estate may be added to a new will or existing document. We have legal counsel available as you plan for how your life’s assets can bless your family, Forgotten Voices, and the ministries you love.

Memorial Giving
Continue the legacy your loved one left by making a gift in their honor. Did your loved one have a heart for orphaned and vulnerable child care? Perhaps, in lieu of flowers, ask friends and family to make a gift to the cause they cared deeply about.

Donor-Advised Fund
A donor-advised fund is a personal, charitable savings account for a thoughtful, organized approach to giving. With a donor-advised fund, you receive an immediate tax benefit with the opportunity to direct gifts to Forgotten Voices and other ministries well into the future.

Non-Traditional Gifts
Non-traditional gifts to Forgotten Voices can include personal property, life insurance policies, retirement plans, real estate, appreciated stocks, and gifts from your IRA. We’re happy to discuss these unique giving options that help us demonstrate the love of God to orphaned and vulnerable children, today and tomorrow.

Ready for a brighter tomorrow?

To join LEGACY or learn more about how you can leave a lasting legacy for a brighter tomorrow, please contact us.

Already have a legacy or non-cash gift planned? Let us know about it!
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