Local Churches Demonstrating the Love

Christian Discipleship: Local Churches Demonstrating the Love

Forgotten Voices aims to support church leaders, families and children in reaching their full potential and experiencing God’s love and hope. This includes meeting physical needs, but also spiritual ones.

Working with local church partners in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, we strive to be like Jesus Christ and demonstrate His love through who we are and all we do. We do this by providing access to Bible-based resources, Christian discipleship trainings and age-appropriate materials for children and families. Our ultimate aim is to introduce them to God and lay a strong foundation for their spiritual growth and maturity.

A cross within a heart represents Spiritual Support.

Here are some stories of transformation from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Today, discover how you can join local churches in celebrating and proclaiming the Gospel in southern Africa!

In Bulawayo

Bulawayo is Zimbabwe’s second largest city – with townships that are significantly affected by extreme poverty, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, informal settlements and other challenges that threaten the health and well-being of vulnerable children and families.

Yet, amid struggles, churches are tirelessly serving in these communities to meet families’ needs, introduce children to God and lay a strong foundation for their spiritual growth and maturity. Churches in these communities are demonstrating the love of Christ and we’re grateful to walk alongside them!

Hope Restored

In Trenance – one of the townships in Bulawayo – vulnerable families live in informal settlements made up of metal and plastic shacks without access to clean water or proper sanitation. Children are forced to drop out of school and often suffer from malnutrition.

Thankfully, Brethren in Christ Church in Trenance – one of Forgotten Voices’s church partners – is responding to these physical needs and gathering regularly with vulnerable families to meet their spiritual needs. The church offers support to children and families through prayer, discipleship and counseling sessions to share their faith and hope.

The group from BICC Trenance stands together to hold a sign reading, "God comforts us when we suffer."

Caregivers at BICC Trenance shared their testimonies in a trauma healing group.

A church member who prays with, encourages and serves this community says, “Most families we have served are grateful for the love and support they are shown. Their dignity has been restored and they now view life with hope knowing God cares about them despite all the hardships they are facing.”

Chipo and her seven young children.

Chipo and her children.

Families Spiritually Transformed

After experiencing hardships, pain from a previous marriage and trauma from abuse, Chipo and her family’s lives were transformed after receiving support from their local church in Bulawayo.

Cowdray Park Church of Christ has been supporting and empowering Chipo to provide for her family and ensure the safety and well-being of her children. Apart from receiving physical assistance like food and educational support, Chipo and her children gave their lives to Jesus!

Chipo also attended a Christian discipleship training hosted by her church in partnership with Forgotten Voices. She was equipped with discipleship materials and learned how best to talk about stories from the Bible with her children. Chipo and her family are now members of the church and she said, “I pray that God continues providing so that the church may help others in need the same way you have helped us.”

Will you join us to Demonstrate God’s Love?

This Easter season, our church partners in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi will have various activities to celebrate and proclaim the Gospel. They will be conducting baptisms, discipleship courses and Sunday school teacher trainings to help communities, families and children grow in their faith and share the hope we have in Christ.

By giving to Forgotten Voices, you enable us to provide access to Bible-based resources, Christian discipleship trainings and age-appropriate materials to help churches introduce children and families to God.

So, will you consider making a gift of $75, $150 or even $300 today to help ensure every child experiences the love of God?

Thank you, friend! You are demonstrating God’s love to children, families and communities in Bulawayo and throughout southern Africa! We could not do this without God’s grace and your support.

*Names have been changed to protect those we serve.

When you give a gift to Forgotten Voices, you are making an investment that transforms a community, a family, and the life of an orphaned and vulnerable child.