Empowered, Inside & Out:

Lidia’s Story


With tears in her eyes, Lidia expressed, “Thank you so much for the love you have shown me. Words alone can never be enough to show how I am feeling right now.”

One act of kindness and holistic, family-based orphan care can transform vulnerable families. Hear Lidia’s story of transformation:

12 Years Ago

What started as a tiny wound on Lidia’s leg quickly developed into a cancerous sore. The wound grew larger and larger until Lidia’s leg swelled to the point where she could no longer use it. She went to the hospital to seek treatment, but the damage was irreversible.

Now, 12 years later, Lidia still suffers. She can barely walk around to do her day-to-day tasks. Being the sole caregiver after her marriage collapsed, Lidia struggled to clean the house, prepare meals, and visit her three young children at school when they needed her. Lidia has felt so much pain, both physically and in her heart, that she was ashamed to go out into her community. Lidia lived in isolation.

Holistic and Sustainable Transformation

Some members from our church partner in Bulawayo visited Lidia to offer their support and pray with her. This kind gesture has sparked a new journey for Lidia, her church, and our staff team in Zimbabwe.

“Strengthen the weak hands, and make firm the feeble knees.” – Isaiah 35:3

Lidia received an invitation to attend a trauma-healing group organized by Forgotten Voices, which took place in her local church.

Two young boys sit across the table from their teacher.
During her time there, she formed meaningful relationships and acquired valuable tools that helped her overcome unresolved pain, shame, and trauma. Lidia has openly expressed that the healing group had a profound impact on her life, and the positive changes she experienced extended beyond just that period of time.

After attending the healing group at her church, Lidia felt more comfortable and confident venturing out into her community. She attended a parenting workshop that gave her valuable resources to better care for her children despite her disability. She also received parenting support, food supplies, and a grant to help her small business. To top it off, her 7-year-old son received a new school uniform as he dreams of becoming a doctor who can heal his mother’s leg.

Our team in Zimbabwe was inspired by Lidia’s story and they wanted to do more to help her achieve self-sustainability. They were able to put their own financial resources together to acquire a wheelchair for her, which has greatly improved her mobility, dignity, independence, and confidence. As a result, Lidia is able to attend church with her children, participate in a savings group, and attend workshops where she is learning skills to make and sell dishwashing soap. Through this holistic and family-based care, Lidia has been empowered to care for her children and become self-sufficient!

Lidia and her church savings group

Lidia and her church’s savings group

Lidia and her children

Lidia, seated in wheel chair with hand made dish

Lidia with her handmade soap

Lidia expresses her gratitude towards those who have contributed to her transformation by saying, “May God keep blessing you and all those who helped, thank you!

Will You Join Us in Prayer?

Friends, please join us in praying for Lidia as she continues to care for her family, and all caregivers in southern Africa to have the ability, wisdom, and strength to raise the children in their care.

Thank you, friends, for being a part of our mission to demonstrate Christ’s love to caregivers and orphaned and vulnerable children! Transformation is not possible without you!

When you give a gift to Forgotten Voices, you are making an investment that transforms a community, a family, and the life of an orphaned and vulnerable child.