“Smiling Again”

by | May 13, 2020

Prayers Answered

Raised by an impoverished single mother, Esther* had a difficult childhood. She struggled in school and felt hopeless about her future.

Her mother died when she was 13. Despite his own poverty, her uncle adopted Esther and brought her to live with him, his wife and children. The local church saw that the family was struggling and with Forgotten Voices’ help, has paid school fees, provided counseling and ongoing support to the family.

Esther is grateful to her uncle and the church. When she talks about her past, she says,

“It looked impossible to smile again. Now I know that God answers prayer.”

Esther is excelling academically, and her teachers say her determination is infectious to her peers. Her uncle ways that the church’s help, especially with counseling, has helped Esther to find peace, which has allowed her to thrive in her new home.

Esther dreams of being a nurse some day and helping others.

Please pray for Esther.
Please pray that the churches would be able to take in more children.

*Names have been changed to protect those we serve

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