Future World-Changers

Esther, Candice, & Evelyn

by | August 30, 2021

Meet some future world-changers!

As another school year begins, we want to tell you the story of three future world changers in southern Africa who have some big dreams! These future world changers are not just getting an education, they have an opportunity to thrive – thanks to people like you!  Let’s meet them!


World-Changer #1: Esther, a Future Nurse

First, meet Esther* in Malawi! When she grows up, she dreams of becoming a nurse! 

Esther grew up in a family of 6 in a small town in southern Malawi. Although her father worked hard to provide for the family, Esther could not afford to attend secondary school.  

In Malawi, to attend secondary school, you must pay tuition fees, purchase school uniforms, stationary and all your textbooks. 

For many families, children never make it past 8th grade because of this. Esther’s story was no different. But it was not the end of her story! 

Through a partnership between her local church and Forgotten Voices, Esther could go back to school! Esther received payment of her school fees, uniforms, and supplies! When we last spoke with her, she even shared this with us:

“I don’t have to worry about school fees and school materials as they are all paid for. Being sent back from school is a thing of the past now. I have hope that my dream of becoming a nurse will come to pass”

World-Changer #2: Candice, a Future Police Officer

Second, meet Candice* in Zimbabwe! When she grows up, she dreams of becoming a police officer to help her mother! 

When Candice was very young, she lost her father and unfortunately has no memory of him. Afterward, her mother moved back to her parent’s home with Candice, her sisters, and cousins. 

Even though they are thankful to have a roof over their heads, life has been difficult for Candice and her mom.

Candice is happy she can go to school like all the other kids in her community – thanks to a partnership between her local church and Forgotten Voices!

World-Changer #3: Evelyn, a Future Nurse

Third, meet Evelyn* in Zambia! When she grows up, she dreams of becoming a nurse just like Esther! 

Evelyn’s family has been deeply affected by the economic implications of COVID-19.  

Her father, the sole bread-winner for the family, struggled to make ends meet. His carpentry business was impacted by the pandemic  and it seemed like Evelyn would have to stop attending school. 

But, God had a plan. Through a partnership between their local church and Forgotten Voices, they received emergency food to help them through a challenging time.

Together with her local church, we paid for Evelyn’s school fees so she can get the education she needs to fulfill her dreams of becoming a nurse!


Will you pray with us? 

Please join us in praying for these 3 young girls as they get an education and pursue their dreams. Please also pray for schools in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi as they welcome students back.

*Names have been changed to protect those we serve.

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