He Calms The Storms:

Nokuthaba’s Story

by | July 29, 2021

He CALMS THE STORMS: Nokuthaba’s Story

Imagine you’re unemployed, you live with a chronic illness, and you care for four young children – all alone. Though resilient and strong, those are the challenges Nokuthaba*, a caregiver from Zimbabwe experienced daily.

Faithful Through the Challenges

Nokuthaba has four grandchildren who were orphaned after the loss of one of their parents. Shortly after, Nokuthaba lost her husband too. Despite Nokuthaba’s trouble, she lovingly took in her four grandchildren.  

The family had no source of reliable income. There were times when the children went two days without food – going to school and bed hungry. Unfortunately, this situation is all too common in Zimbabwe due to economic hardships faced by many vulnerable families. 

Facing unemployment and chronic health complications, Nokuthaba had no way to meet her family’s urgent needs. But through this stormy season, she strived to care for her grandchildren, no matter the challenge!

God Met Nokuthaba in Her Struggles

Just as Jesus calmed the Sea of Galilee, Nokuthaba has seen God calm the storm in her family’s life! Her local Brethren in Christ Church, a partner of Forgotten Voices, noticed Nokuthaba’s situation and began to think of ways to empower the family.

The first step was ensuring the oldest granddaughter could get an education. So together with the church, we paid for her school fees, uniforms, and supplies! 

To ensure that she is financially independent, the church provided resources to plant a garden and set up a market stand. She received some food items to open a market stand and began excitedly selling these in town. She sells dried fish, snacks, fruits, and some crops that she grows in her front yard.

What does she sell?

Today, Nokuthaba manages a garden and a small business selling snacks and fresh fruits! She feels empowered and is excited to better meet her grandchildren’s needs!

Her grandchildren even help her out too! They help Nokuthaba grow maize, sweet potatoes, and other veggies. By having these crops at home, the family has a steady food source. That means no matter what, Nokuthaba and her grandchildren no longer have to go to school or bed hungry!

Two of Nokuthaba’s grandsons walking through their neighborhood

A Sustainable Way Forward

With the money from her market stand, Nokuthaba can feed her family, pay for transportation to her doctor’s appointments, and send her two grandsons to school. In the future, she prays that God will expand her business so that she can further improve the way she cares for her kids. 

Nokuthaba’s enthusiasm and heart for her grandchildren inspire us! She wakes up before the sun rises to set up her market stand. Even if she only sells a few items, she is grateful for the way God’s love is shown through her local church and Forgotten Voices!


Will you join us in prayer?

Friends, please join us in prayer for this sweet, loving, and strong woman, Nokuthaba, and other caregivers like her who have stepped up to keep children in families. 

Thank you, friends, for working to solve the orphan crisis by empowering caregivers and caring for children well! None of this would be possible without you!

*Names have been changed to protect those we serve.


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