Her Best Foot Forward:

Amy’s Story

Her Best Foot Forward: Amy’s Story

Amy*, a 10-year old girl from Malawi, enjoys spending time with her friends, singing at church, and studying the Bible. And when she grows up, she wants to become a teacher and help other children like her.

But over the past two years, Amy has faced many challenges.

She lives with her mother and the family is extremely poor. When COVID-19 hit Malawi, the family fell further into poverty, struggling with basic necessities like food.

Amy frequently went to school hungry and without the assigned uniform or supplies. At school, she felt out of place and ashamed for not having having a proper school uniform and shoes like the other children. 

As the pandemic continued, the situation got worse:, her mom couldn’t afford to keep her at school  anymore, forcing Amy to drop out. 

But, we celebrate how God made a way for Amy to overcome these challenges!


Amy (right) and her family at a food distribution outreach in Ngabu

How Amy Got Off on the Right Foot

Through a partnership with a church in Ngabu, Forgotten Voices helped Amy and her family. 

First, the church provided the family with maize flour, cooking oil, and other groceries to help meet their most basic need. Next, the church paid for Amy’s school tuition, purchased school supplies and a uniform, and gave her a gift that nearly made her cry… 

School shoes.

It was the first time Amy could wear shoes to school. With her needs met, she can put her best foot forward and thrive at school! 

She’s eager to share her joy and enthusiasm for learning with other kids! And often encourages her classmates.  She will make a great teacher someday!

Hope for the Journey

Amy has a long journey ahead of her, but we praise God for this little girl’s hope and joy! We’re thankful that the local church can help Amy, and for friends like you who make this possible. 

Would you join us in prayer for Amy and her family? Please pray that Amy would continue to thrive and acheive her dreams. And for her mom, that she will be be able to provide for her family. Please also pray for more children to experience the love of God through partnerships we have with local churches in Africa.

A special thanks to Alfred, our Programs Officer in Malawi for collecting this story to share with partners like you.

*Names have been changed to protect those we serve.

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