Memory Sibale

“Our Story has Changed”

by | October 2, 2019

Seeing God’s love

Memory and her four children live in a rural community in southern Malawi. Since the passing of her husband a few years ago, she has been the sole breadwinner for her family. However, it has not been easy for her.

…Our story has changed. A church I was not part of [Church of God] intervened and showed us love from a place we never imagined.

As Memory talks about her life and family, she said: “Life was very hard. I did not know what to do next. He [Memory’s husband] had left me with very little twins, and two more children. I just had no idea what would become of my children and me.”

Before the Church of God intervened, Memory’s home was not equipped to last through the rain storms that they have been having
Memory and her children now have a very sturdy new home.

Memory and her family struggled to find food and other basic needs. Where possible, she would help to cultivate her neighbor’s fields in exchange for food and sometimes she had to beg others for her family to survive. A local church (Church of God) in the community, noticed her struggle and decided to intervene. In partnership with Forgotten Voices, the church’s custom plan provided the family with the support they needed both physically and spiritually. Now, the family has enough food and all the children attend school and have the necessary school supplies. However, even more, the church went an extra mile in caring for this family. Memory told others at the church:

“I count my blessings. During the last rain season, part of the wall of our house had fallen while my children and I were sleeping. We could not bear the rainy seasons, and I was just confused- mostly sleeping with deep worries within me not knowing what will happen next. My children were asking questions I had no answers for them. Food was hard to find, and they continually went to school on an empty stomach, consequently not doing well. However, our story has changed. A church I was not part of [Church of God] intervened and showed us, love, from a place we never imagined. I no longer worry of rains. Even now, when many are rendered homeless due to the floods, I can sleep with a peace of mind, and my children are doing great at school through the church’s provisions of school materials, uniforms, and follow-ups. We have seen God’s love.”

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Memory believes that the Church of God saved her from her struggle, and she has since been very active at church. She now has a supportive community in the church and is part of a group of caregivers who are taking care of a market garden at the church. She feels her struggles have drawn her closer to God in ways she never thought of and loves the Bible verse:

Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me [Christ]… John 14:1.

*Names have been changed to protect those we serve

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