“Mother of Hope”

by | October 17, 2017

Giving life

Nomah, whose name means “mother of hope”, has earned distinction as the top student in her class of 500 students. She has been going to church since childhood, and was baptized last fall after giving her life to Jesus. At the Brethren in Christ Church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, she shares her love of the Lord singing praise and worship songs with her little sister, Nontokozo. Nomah’s stepfather works sporadically on building projects, and her mother tends a small field to provide food for the family.

Nomah asks that we pray for her and Nontokozo to excel at their studies so that they may fulfill their dreams of being a medical doctor and a teacher, respectively.

Her stepfather asks for prayers that God will help his family to stay in the Lord and His ways, and that God will provide jobs for him and his wife so that they can meet the needs of the family.

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