Nedi’s Story

There is hope: Nedi’s story

In the heart of southern Africa, Nedi shares, “I lost all hope and I had no one to turn to.”

When multiple members of her family passed, Nedi was left with the responsibility to care for her four young grandchildren – all alone. Despite her best efforts, Nedi was without a reliable support system, and was reminded that it takes a village to raise a child.

A grandmother gets a hug from her granddaughter.

Losing Loved Ones

Nedi is a widow from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Shortly after losing her husband, Nedi fell very ill. Within a short period of time, her adult son passed away too, leaving her to care for her grandchildren. These unforeseen events hurt Nedi. She lost hope and felt as though there was nowhere or no one to turn to.

Feeling alone and hopeless, Nedi struggled with her new responsibility of caring for her young grandchildren. She quickly was reminded that a child’s upbringing is a communal effort, especially in Zimbabwe, where extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS, food insecurity, political instability, and other challenges worsen the orphan crisis.

Fortunately for Nedi, she found help through her local church.

Equipped to Empower

Nedi’s local church is going through Forgotten Voices’ 5-year partnership process, where they are being equipped with skills to empower caregivers with tools and resources to meet children’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Through our partnership, BICC Emganwini was able to identify Nedi and her grandchildrens’ vulnerability. They’re making sure Nedi isn’t alone and helping her realize that there is hope.

The church has been supporting Nedi and her grandchildren by paying for the childrens’ school fees and providing them with necessary school supplies. They are making use of the skills and resources provided by Forgotten Voices to offer a strong support system and hope for Nedi and her grandchildren.

Two pastors at a church dancing.

Pastor Dennis and Mbuthanelwa at BICC Emganwini.

Two pastors at a church dancing.

Nedi with other caregivers in her savings group.

Nedi is also taking part in business and skills training sessions, where she is learning how to make detergent, sell it to earn an income, and reinvest the profits through BICC Emganwini’s savings group. BICC Emganwini is an empowered church, providing Nedi with the necessary resources and skills to become self-sufficient and better care for her grandchildren.

Nedi continues to think about the family members who have passed. With the love and support of her church and community, she is now empowered and hopeful for her family’s future.

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Caregivers in southern Africa with their detergent-making business inventory.

Nedi with her handmade detergent.

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