A Letter from our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe it has been just over 100 days since I joined the Forgotten Voices family as Executive Director! My focus has been learning and listening to our leadership, staff teams, local church partners, beneficiaries, and supporters about our work. After visiting our projects and country offices in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi I am confident that Forgotten Voices is effectively equipping the church to care for orphans. Children, caregivers, pastors, and community members consistently shared how FVI projects had given them new hope and opportunity in the midst of difficult circumstances. I learned and saw the strengths and challenges of our Custom Plans, Quiet Investments and Sustainable Income model in these various conditions. I have been amazed and humbled to see how God continues to use this unique approach to increase the capacity of the church to meet the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in their communities.

Moreover, Forgotten Voices’ posture and ethos to listen and equip local churches in orphan care is remarkable in this field and is needed more than ever. There is a growing global hunger to equip local churches with evidence-based practical tools. In addition to our work on the ground, it is our hope that through partnership with initiatives like the World Without Orphans movement, Christian Alliance for Orphans, and INSPIRE, Forgotten Voices can influence the perspective of other orphan care organizations, grow our impact within our current 3 countries and expand our reach, while still developing best practices and creating replicable tools for innovative orphan care.

Despite recent transitions, organizational challenges and scaling down of some projects, the work that you are supporting through your prayers and resources is making a significant impact in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable. Although this season has been challenging, it has opened new opportunities which the Board of Directors has seized by demonstrating their commitment to our mission, vision, and values. Likewise, local partners have stepped up to take more responsibility for the success of community projects.

We look forward, with your help, to continue equipping local churches to care for the orphans in their midst. We are committed to innovation and improvement, good financial stewardship, and making the greatest impact possible through local church communities.


Shelton Taguma
Executive Director

Below: Our Executive Director, Shelton Taguma, listening to how a local church project in Malawi built a new home for a grandmother caring for her orphaned granddaughter after flooding destroyed their house.