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Lives in Mechanicsburg, PA, with his wife. Works full time as a mechanical engineer.


Husband, father, pastor. Fan of Arsenal. Zimbabwe Director for Forgotten Voices.


Foodie, locavore, social media volunteer.


Director of Project Management, proud mom of an impish preschooler, grew up in Papua New Guinea.


Pastor, mentor, soccer aficionado and Chicago fan. Enjoys the Bible, books on leadership, transformation, and the work of the church.


Elder and missions board chair at his church. Desires most to have US churches reach out to provide for orphans in Africa.


Director of Impact for Forgotten Voices, wife, mother of two, loves coffee, traveling, learning and advocating for the voiceless.


Pursuing a degree in Crisis Counseling. Loves to travel and experience new things.


creative catalyst. love coffee, music and traveling.


Africa / Zambia Director for Forgotten Voices. Husband, father, and fan of Arsenal.


Husband, father, advocate for children orphaned by AIDS. President of Forgotten Voices. Fan of the Red Sox, Dr Pepper, and improving the world.


Love Is Listening

Written by Kastin Krupinski, Communications and PR Coordinator for Forgotten Voices I’ve always been an advocate for change, and when I see things that aren’t right in my corner of the world, my first inclination is to jump in and …

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Kites and Strings: Changes at Forgotten Voices

Dear friends, A friend of mine, Alex, is the Chief Operating Officer of an amazing organization called Rising Tide Capital, which is helping unemployed and underemployed workers launch profit-making businesses in some of America’s most difficult cities. His wife is …

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Building on hope in Malawi, brick by brick

I’m unpacking my trip from Malawi. Last week, while traveling back, I wrote this piece about a little brick carrying girl living a life I can’t believe, even though I saw glimpses of it with my own eyes. Yet, her story, like …

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Orphan Care Spotlight: Addressing a child’s psychosocial well-being

Psychosocial support addresses the ongoing psychological and social needs of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The experience of losing a parent has emotional, psychological and spiritual implications. Many children served by Forgotten Voices’ partnerships have experienced significant trauma and grief, often …

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Learn about Malawi

Ryan Keith (our president) just arrived back from Africa yesterday having spent the past two weeks in Zimbabwe and Malawi visiting the faithful pastors and caregivers of vulnerable children.  Here at Forgotten Voices, it’s our heart to join with these faithful servants and  lift …

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How to Properly Carry the Weight of the World at age 4

Her posture was properly perfect. Feet just far apart for balance, back straight; bent at the knees. Her elbows were at a 45 degree angle with her hands resting 4 bricks on her head. Two stacked shoulder to shoulder on …

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Love as a Lasting Legacy…Reflections on Week 1

As I asked the same question to her that I have asked hundreds before her, Sifiso leaned back, smiled broadly and spoke prophetically about a future that will be influenced by a past.   I had asked her what drives …

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